Full Nail Art

Full Nail Art

Do you want to become the next “NAIL QUEEN”???  then what are you waiting for? this course will help you on the way to becoming the nail tech you’ve always dreamed about being. we wanted to bring you a course that’s fun & hands on but most importantly educational.
Both nail technician and cosmetology programs usually include hands-on training working with clients at a salon. Individual courses also include labs that teach students to perform various nail care services, and in the case of cosmetology programs, hair and skin care services as well.

Safety & Sanitation:– This course provides techniques for proper sanitization and cleaning of tools and work stations. This class may also cover state regulations for sanitary work space and tools when necessary.

Manicure Course:- A manicure course covers basic manicure techniques of nail cutting and filing. Additional topics may be covered to discuss spa manicures, paraffin baths, arm and hand massage, and hot oil manicures.

Pedicure Course:- A pedicure is the process of taking care of someone’s feet through massage and nail shaping. Specific areas of study include foot massage, spa pedicures, feet wraps and paraffin baths. This is a course taught by lecture and hands-on practice.

Full Nail Course

  • Lines Nail Art
  • Flower Nail Art
  • Zebra Nail Art
  • Roses Nail Art
  • Tape Application
  • Accessory Nail Art
  • Glitter Application
  • Glitter Lines
  • Temperary Nail Extention
  • Nail Tool Description
  • Animal Nail Art
  • Feather Nail Art
  • Heart Nail Art
  • Transparent Nail Art
  • Shaded Rose Nail Art
  • French Glitter
  • Shaded Glitter
  • 3D Nail Paint with Nail Art
  • French Tip Nail Art
  • 3D Flower Nail Art
  • 2D Nail Paint
  • Temperary French Nail Extention


This is a 2-months course.